Dear guests,
in order to improve our services we decided to reconstruct part of the hotel incl. massages and sauna.
From 1 January to 31 March 2019, these services will not be available. After completing the redevelopment, you can look forward to new services. Thank you for your understanding.

Finnish sauna

Our hotel guests can use the Finnish sauna on the third floor of the main building. This room is equipped with comfort relaxation chairs, a spacious shower and a bathroom. Sauna needs to be booked at the reception desk in advance to give our staff time to get the sauna ready for you. The sauna is available every day 10am – 10pm.

The standard time to spend in our sauna is an hour and a half and we warm it up to 90°C. There is no recommended time to spend in the sauna. There is just one rule – as long as you like it, although if you experience burning sensation of being too hot or on your nose or the skin on your face you need to be careful. Usually this feeling comes after 15 minutes depending on the temperature in the sauna. Cooling your body after using sauna you can do either by spending some time in cold air or a cold shower. A rapid warming up and cooling your body down is repeated a several times. Regular visits of sauna improve greatly the immune system. 


In the hotel you can use professional massage services from Ms. Hanka Lustiková. Her Studio Massage Beauty Therapy offers a complex program for your health, beauty and life harmony. Hanka specializes in massaging and body rituals that guarantee a perfect relaxation experience and eliminate stress. These massages are a real excellent treatment. Hanka chooses a combination of relaxation and oriental techniques. They reduce fatigue, relax muscles and speed the regeneration of the whole body. In the list of the services you can also find certain types of massages that help with the slimming of the figure and making improvements to the shape of the body.

The massage needs to be booked at the reception desk or with Hanka on tel.: +420 721 902 444 in advance. Would you like to please your friends or family? Gift certificates for massages are available according to your choice.


Harmony wellness club

We offer our guests a possibility to use the service of the top-class sport and wellness Harmony club. Not only should the club inspire you to improve your physical condition but also psychical relaxing and reducing your stress level. It should become an inseparable part of your life. You can deal with work and family responsibilities well only if you are mentally and physically balanced. We have a lot of ways and helpers available. Everybody likes something else and you cannot end up with just one activity. Your body always needs a new and new stimulus.

What can you expect? Two aerobics rooms – one for spinning and fit-boxing and the other for different types of aerobics and body and mind, fitness on 300 m2 with the equipment from Star track, cardio zone with a running belt, orbitracks, exercise (stationary) bicycles, two squash courts, a climbing wall, wellness – a sauna, hot steam, a whirlpool, a tanning bed, etc.

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