Location of the hotel

The hotel is located in the center of town Písek, right across the Děkanský church Birth of Mary and very close to the Main Square and the oldest stone bridge in the Central Europe.

Address of the hotel: Hotel Biograf ****, Gregorova 124, 397 01 Písek


Parking in the underground garage is arranged for our guests. The garage is off the hotel, ca. 250 m in a courtyard. Making a left turn in about the middle of Budějovická street will get you to the courtyard. There is an automatic gate and automatic door at the entrance to the garage. The remote control will be lent to you in the reception of the hotel. There is a parking fee 60 CZK per day.
Another way to park your car is right in front of the hotel in Gregorova street at the public paid car park. It is free 18:00 – 8:00 (6pm-8am). Other than that there is parking meter available.
In Nádražní street there are free parking lots right at the side entrance to the hotel. 

Address of the garage: Budějovická 255, 397 01 Písek