Chickpea humus /100g/ with olives, pine nuts and roasted onion crostini 108,-

Kamadet cheese /110g / with chopped nut paste, pickled with white onion, pepperoni, sprigs of fresh thyme and homemade spelled bread and sun-dried tomatoes 128,-

Our smoked salmon / 70g / Gravad lax with cucumber salad, mustard sauce and toasted mini kaisers 198, -

Strong beef rib broth with meat and herb semolina gnocchi  48,-

 Baby food
Grilled chicken breast / 100g / on butter with carrot, small potato and beetroot and apple salad 128,-

Our salmon fish fingers / 100g / baked in cheese panko breadcrumbs with a variation of fried potato and vegetable fries with tartar sauce 198, -

Pasta - Spaghetti
Spaghetti Alla Carbonara with Guanciale bacon sprinkled with Pecorino sheep cheese  188,-

Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca with San Marzano tomatoes, anchovies, olives and chilli 188,-

Dishes from sea
Mussels Alla Mariniene / 450g / on white wine, shallots with root vegetables and cherry tomatoes, toasted herb baguette  238,-

Baked salmon fillet / 200g / in papillote with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, red and spring onions with dill dip and small butter potatoes  328,-

 Burgers in a sesame bun
Burger with beef / 200g / from Black Angus breed with vegetables, grilled bacon, cheddar cheese, fried french fries with blue cheese dip and BBQ  248,-

Garden Gourmet vegan Incredible burger /110g/ with vegetable pancake /70g/, cheddar cheese, fried french fries with blue cheese dip and BBQ  248,-

 Regional specialities
Homemade curd dumplings /300g/ with hot blueberry, icing sugar and sour cream 148,-

Roasted smoked flank from Ražice /200g/ with gratinated head cabbage with potatoes and greaves 188,-
Fried dishes
Variations of traditional Czech cheeses /150g/ (Eidam, Niva, Hermelín) with tartar sauce 168,-

Turkey breast steak / 150g / stuffed with Black Forest ham and Emmental cheese 188,-
From the grill
King trumpet mushroom with creamy mushrooms / 300g / on Provencal vegetables 248,-

Duroc pork roast /300g/ on Provencal vegetables 258,-

Beef rump steak /300g/ from the flower tip on Provencal vegetables 348,-

Turkey breast sous vide /200g/ on Provencal vegetables 228,-
Sauces and dips
Hot sauces – mushroom sauce, green pepper sauce /portion/ 35,-

Cold sauces – blue cheese, BBQ, tartar sauce, ketchup /portion/ 30,-
Panzanella salad – a Tuscan salad of colorful cherry tomatoes, red onions, peppers with shredded ciabatta 228,-

Caesar salad – from romaine lettuce leaves, pasteurized yolk dressing, bacon, grilled chicken / 120g / with croutons and Gran Biraghi cheese shavings 238,-

Nicoise salad – with grilled tuna / 100g / sliced ​​potatoes, green beans and quail eggs 258,-
Boiled paris potatoes with butter /200g/ 42,-

Baked potato and shallot /200g/ 62,-

Belgian fries with skin 48,-

Grilled  seson vegetables 72,-

Greek salad with black olive a feta cheese  78,-

Baked baguette with herbs and garlic  42,-
La Panna ice cream according to the offer /portion/ 38,-

Brownie slices with chocolate beans and whipped cream 68,-

Homemade pancakes with hot berries and whipped cream 68,-