City Písek

Písek is located right on the favorite tourist route between Prague and Český Krumlov, at the northern border of the south bohemian country. The most attractive historic thing in Písek is probably the oldest stone bridge in the middle Europe. It spans the Otava river.
The dominant feature of Písek is the Dean church birth of Mary with a 72 m high tower, which is available to visitors. Prácheň museum is located in royal castle built in early gothic style with a Knight hall still in good condition. On your walk on the parade along the Otava river and the city walls you can visit the hydroelectric power plant, the Museum of illuminating or get to the place where the Putim Gate used to be. You will get to the center to the Alšovo or Big Square through the Leoš Janáček or Fráňa Šrámek streets. At the squares you will find more sightseeing. The Information center is located at one of the courtyards behind the city hall built in the baroque style.
At the eastern side of the town there are Písek mountains with great conditions for walks, hiking or bicycle trips. Písek is an ideal starting point for one-day trips, e.g. to Orlík dam, Zvíkov castle, Orlík castle, Hluboká nad Vltavou castle, forts in Kestřany, the monastery in Milevsko or picturesque south bohemian villages. Písek offers a various selection of the cultural life, Šrámek’s theatrical Písek, the City celebration, film and folklore festivals belong to it unconditionally.
Cipískoviště has been one of the biggest actions in the past couple of years, thanks to which visitors can look forward to sculptures made of sand at the Otava river bank before the summer break.
We hope that you enjoy your time spent in Písek and that you will always like to come back.

Turist information center

The tourist information center is located on the premises of the Malt house. The information center provides visitors with the upcoming cultural, sports or social actions. You can also get a lot of promotional leaflets; buy souvenirs, books, etc.
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Ideas for trips in the Písek area

Zvíkov - Orlík

-visit the Schwarzenberg castle Orlík and its park
-crossing on boat to Zvíkov castle, possibility to have lunch at the Zvíkov Hotel in the village Zvíkovské Podhradí or you can have a picnic and eat outside in the nature
-visit of the early gothic castle Zvíkov and the confluence of the Otava and Vltava Rivers.

Medieval water mill Hoslovice

-this extant medieval mill became a national cultural sight in 2008
-there are 3 tour circles available to see
-you will learn about miller’s trade and milling and the way it used to work at a mill in the past
-the mill is located in the Bohemian Podlesí area about 40 km away from Písek

Ideas for family trips

Experience park Zeměráj

The experience park Zeměráj is located in Kovářov close to Orlík dam and there are more than a 100 games, brain teasers and adventurous tasks available at the area of 9 hectars. You can take part in the interactive programs in the realistically displayed surroundings of a village from the early medieval period, try the natural trail barefoot with a lot of fun and educational things and try your imagination on the game exhibition premises. There is, of course, also refreshment for you, resting zones and covered areas in case of bad weather.
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Fairytale blacksmith's shop

If you want to feel like in a fairytale, visit the historic blacksmith’s shop in Selibov. Not far from the Tálínský pond you can see devils, water goblins (hastrman), fairies and elfs, go through the Fairytale trail, visit the Fairytale shop, the Creative work shop or Refreshment at the Devil’s mill.
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Crocodile ZOO Protivín

The Crocodile ZOO Protivín offers the largest European collection of 22 kinds of crocodiles. They are the only ZOO in Europe that keeps an albino alligator, the largest group of gavials living outside of their country of origin. A part of the ZOO is also a Zoological museum Protivín and exhibition of baby crocodiles. 
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