Wellness services

Finnish sauna

Our hotel guests can use the Finnish sauna on the third floor of the main building. This room is equipped with comfort relaxation chairs, a spacious shower and a bathroom. Sauna needs to be booked at the reception in advance to give our staff time to get the sauna ready for you. The sauna is available every day 9:00 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Price list: 250 CZK /1 h. /2 persons



For both hotel guests and public customers we now offer new massages in our freshly renovated wellness room. Our new masseuse, Kateřina Urbánková, is looking forward to your visits. Please make your reservations in advance (+420 380 425 510, +420 737 268 970 nebo email: recepce@hotelbiograf.com).

Relaxing massage (antistress)
This massage is focused on relieving the body and mind using essential oils. It brings us not only pleasant relaxation, good mood for the body and mind, but also rejuvenation as well. Mainly it can release the stress that interferes our lives more and more in recent years. Relaxing massages will provide effective help in relieving tensions and maintaining a good health and help achieve a balanced lifestyle. Occasional massage could be enjoyable, but the effect is multiplied with regularity. Regular massage positively affects, strenghtens and encourages the whole organism.

Classical massage
Classical massage is one the oldest healing methods to reduce muscle pain and induce a good mood. It positively affects the physical and mental condition, releases the tension, weakness and muscle stiffness. Harder touches relax muscle tension, improve blood circulation and improve tissue nutrition. It also positively influences the bloodstream, stenghtens immunity, minimazes tideness, irritability and stress. This massage will harmonize your whole organism.

Indian head and neck massage
Gentle, healing treatment of the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It eliminates everyday stress, headache and eye pain, tension in the shoulders and neck, induces a sense of well-being and overal physically and mentally harmonizes the body. This massage is done with your clothes on while sitting in the chair.

Price list:
30 minutes     350 CZK 
45 minutes     450 CZK  (indian head massage)
60 minutes     600 CZK
90 minutes     900 CZK (full classical massage: back, neck, upper and lower limbs)


Harmony wellness club

We offer our guests a possibility to use the service of the top-class fitness and wellness Harmony club. 
There is two aerobics rooms, fitness on 300 m2, cardio zone with a running belt, orbitracks, exercise (stationary) bicycles, two squash courts, a climbing wall, wellness – sauna, hot steam, whirlpool, tanning bed, etc.

Price: 125,- CZK /per person/per 1 entry

More informations on www.harmonypisek.cz